Sports Photography

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In the past, John would just show up at various youth sporting events around town, take photos and upload them, hoping that some parents would buy photos.

That just wasn't working.

If you want to photograph your sports event, here's how to make it happen.

1. Call, text or email John (, 360-672-0628 and make sure the date is free.

2. Pay a $150 booking fee.  This guarantees that John will come to your game for around an hour - long enough to guarantee a good shot of each and every player.

3. The booking fee is for the event, not per player.  You can break up the fee however you want - a coach can pay, all the parents from both teams can take up a collection, or a single family could pay.  It doesn't matter, since when John shows up, he will be shooting both teams.

4. After the game, the photos will be uploaded and a link will be emailed to the coaches.  Prints can be purchased at a reasonable rate.

5. Except for football, John guarantees that quality photos will be captured of every player who plays in that contest, or he will shoot again at a future contest.  For football, John will do his best to capture everyone, but can't guarantee it.

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