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So you decided you want John to take your portrait or family photos.

What now?

1. Contact John by email, phone or text (john@johnsphotos.net, 360-672-0628) to ensure the date you want is available.

2. Meet with John to go over locations, wardrobe and other issues

3. Pay a $150 booking fee, sign contract

4. On the day of the shoot, pay the remaining $100 shooting fee and have fun!  Shoots last anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.  The goal is to get the shots you want, not to end at a specific time.

5. In about a week, John will contact you to go over proofs from the shoot.  At this time select which poses you want.  A variety of prints and other media are available.

6. Prints, when finished can be delivered directly to you, or John can deliver them in person and share in your joy.

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